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Papa E`s Outdoor Furniture
The Adirondack Chair is synonymous with outdoor leisure and enjoyment ...

Papa E`s Outdoor Furniture
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Wilmington, NC 28409

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Papa E`s features a collection of handcrafted adirondck and garden furniture made from 5/4 Western Red Cedar representing the very best of American Design. Papa E`s Outdoor Furniture
Papa E`s Outdoor Furniture
Price List

Papa E's Outdoor Furniture
Price List
Email your order or call 910 512-9815
Adirondack Style Fully Assembled ***
Standard Chair $270
Standard Rocker $295
Standard Glider $530
Std. Footrest $80
Love Seat $415
Love Seat Rocker $465
Love Seat Glider $760
Big Boy Chair $285
Big Boy Rocker $335
Big Boy Glider $595
Big Boy Footrest $95
Side Table $135
Fancy Table $175
Round Table 36" $215
Garden Style Fully Assembled ***
Garden Chair 20" Wide $260
Garden Chair 23" Wide $270
Garden Table 44" $415
Garden Bench $360
Director Chair 20" $280
Director`s Chair 23" $295
Swings Fully Assembled ***
4` Swing Stainless Steel Chain $525
5` Swing Stainless Steel Chain $595
A-Frame $435
Junior Style Fully Assembled ***
Chair $135
Buddy Bench $210
Play Table $90
Picnic Table $255
Special Styles Fully Assembled ***
Sports Chair $180
Potting Table $465
A-Stlyle Picnic Table 70" Long $575
Utility bench 36" $135
Utility Bench 48" $150
Prices subject to change without notice
*** Fully Assembled: assembled with stainless steel screws and polyurethane glue


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